Townsend Labs Sphere L22

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Sphere L22 Overview
The Sphere L22TM microphone system from Townsend Labs models the characteristics of the most sought-after large-diaphragm condenser microphones with amazing accuracy and allows selection of different mics and patterns even after tracking.
The SphereCopyingRight system consists of a high precision dual channel microphone, which when paired with the included Sphere plug-in (UAD, VST, AU, AAX Native) accurately models the response of a wide range of mics, including transient response, harmonics, proximity effect and three-dimensional polar response.

Now You Can
- Record with the sound of microphones many have only dreamt about
- Change mic type, polar pattern, and other microphone characteristics, even after tracking!
- Audition the sound of different microphones without tiring the vocalist
- Reduce bleed, undesirable room coloration, and other common issues using Off-Axis CorrectionTM
- Record in stereo from a single microphone

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