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Vocal Doubling and Detune Effects Pedal

Why leave your vocal sound to the "sound guy" or "sound gal" when TC-Helicon gives you the freedom you want and deserve! The new VoiceTone series of effects pedals puts guitar-style tone control right under your toes. Now, you can change your vocal sound mid-performance, as easily as stepping on a switch. And with the optional MP-75 microphone, you can even control your sound right from your microphone.

This is the VoiceTone D1, a creative doubling/detune effect pedal that's been fine-tuned for vocalists. Use it to generate octaves (up or down), thicken up your vocal sound, get an interesting "de-tuned" effect, create a "shout-style" sound, and much more. Best of all, the VoiceTone D1 gives you the flexibility to reshape your sound whenever you want, making you even more of the "take charge" vocalist you already are. For even more fun onstage, be sure to chain the VoiceTone D1 with other VoiceTone pedals from TC-Helicon.


  • Doubling and detune pedal for vocalists
  • Connects between your mic and mixer
  • High-quality signal path and tough enclosure
  • Can be chained to additional VoiceTone Singles
  • Optional microphone offers a unique way to switch on/off effects
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