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Tascam DR-10SG (DR10SG) Camera Mountable Audio Recorder with Shotgun Microphone

The TASCAM DR-10SG packs problem-solving punch into a small package. Combining both a purpose built shotgun microphone and a professional quality digital recorder in a single unit, the DR-10SG addresses many issues faced by today’s DSLR videographer. First and foremost, the DR-10SG features an extremely directional supercardioid microphone and an integrated shock-resistant mounting foot. The dual benefits of this design include the rejection of unwanted ambient sound during filming and the avoidance of physically transmitted noise from shutter or lens mechanisms.

- Supercardioid shotgun mic built in.
- Shoe adapter (ISO/JIS standard) attaches to the camera accessory shoe.
- Records to microSD and microSDHC cards.
- Records 44.1k / 48 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono or poly linear PCM (WAV/BWF) files.
- Built-in clock stamps BWF files with time-of-day information for additional convenience when editing or searching for files.
- Equalizer has four presets that can be selected to match the recording conditions.
- Limiter automatically reduces high input levels to suitable levels.
- Low cut filter reduces low-frequency noise (120Hz cutoff frequency).
- Dual recording for two files to be recorded simultaneously with different gain levels.
- Slate tone for conveniently synchronizing with video files.
- Camera out jack (combined with headphone jack) outputs audio to a camera.
- Automatic file closing prevents the loss of data before the battery runs out.
- Included noise isolation arm reduces lens operation noise.
- Included attenuation cable matches output audio signal level when connected to a camera.
- Included cable clip secures attenuation and headphone cables.
- Tripod threads (ISO/JIS standards for mounting directly to a camera tripod or rig.
- Playback to headphones to check recorded file contents immediately.
- Time track increment silently and seamlessly splits a recording by creating a new file at regular intervals (about 15 minutes) for easier - editing.
- File naming based on a user-specified word or the current date.
- Operates on 1 AAA battery (alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or disposable lithium) or USB bus power.
- Secondary lithium-ion battery maintains date and time information.
- 1/8” (3.5mm) headphone jack built in.
- Easy to read 96×16 dot OEL display with wide viewing angle.
- Micro-B USB 2.0 port to easily transfer files to a computer.

Support for MP3 recording at both 128kbps and 192kbps

Level meters are now active during both recording and playback
Independent level settings are now supported within the dual recording function

POLY file dual recording is now possible

Overall performance enhanced
Coupled with this is a professional quality digital recorder featuring four selectable EQ modes, audio pass-through to the camera and an on-board audio slate for synchronization during post production. As an added safeguard against unexpected volume spikes, the DR-10SG also features TASCAM’s unique Dual Recording mode which automatically records a second “safety take” at a lower level.

Designed to deliver excellent quality, while addressing the inherent issues of on-camera audio, the DR-10SG will prove to be a valuable tool in your audio arsenal.

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