Superlux HM 10 B

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100 THB

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he HM-10B microphone holder is designed for holding of taperless microphone body with high elasticity and it solid strength, and exquisite appearance, it fit well fo TENLUX/SUPERLUX taper-less microphone body with a diameter within f19 ~ f25mm and any others with the same size extent as well.

  • Polypropylene material employed, very high elasticity and durability could be used easily in clamping the microphone-body vertically if necessary.
  • With plastic screw 5/8"x27T(Female) in HM-10A and copper screw 5/8"x27T(Female) inserted in HM-10B.
  • Operating free with a angle of 180º.
  • Adaptable with the microphone body diameter of f19 ~ f24mm.
  • Transparent sealing hangable packaged easy exhibited and stocked.
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