Shure SM 57-LC-X

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4,290 THB

Shure SM57-LC-X ไมโครโฟนแบบไดนามิ ตอบสนองความถี่ตั้งแต่ 40Hz-15kHz ขั้วต่อเป็นแบบ XLR มีน้ำหนักเบา

Dynamic Instrument Microphone

  • Cardioid dynamic instrument microphone offers clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments. Features include contoured frequency response for rich vocal pickup, background noise reduction, and a pneumatic shock mount system.


  • More than able to reproduce tone, the SM57 is also uniquely designed to deal with high-pressure sound that explodes from instruments and amplifiers. So you can turn it up without distortion drowning out the show. Your music deserves all the loud it can get.


  • Made for the stage
    The contoured frequency response makes it simple to engineer clean audio for a live sound mix.
  • Handles the pressure
    Hard knocks are just part of the show sometimes, and the SM57 is built to take them on. A hit from a high kick or a flying drumstick can’t shut it down.
  • Only the loud you want
    With a uniform cardioid pattern and a pneumatic shock mount system, you get a whole lot of tone without the handling or background noise.

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