Novation Ultranova

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24,900 THB


Synthesizer ที่มี 37 คีย์ เเละมี Audio Interface เเละ USB Controller ในตัว มีทัชเเพดที่ตอบสนองต่อการใช้งานได้ดี เเละมาพร้อมกับไมค์เเบบ Gooseneck ที่สามารถปรับระดับองศาได้

The Sound Designer's Dream
UltraNova is our most advanced, configurable and controllable synth, designed to create new, unique and edgy sounds, plus all the classics you'd expect from a Nova-series synth
- Three oscillators, noise and ring modulation for making your sounds as rich as possible.
- Classic waveforms and cutting edge wavetables for creating classic and unique new sounds.
- Two routable multi-mode filters for flexible sound sculpting.
- 6 Envelopes, 3 LFOs and 20 slot modulation matrix for almost unlimited programming capabilities.
- 18-voice polyphony for playing complex synth lines and chords
This is our most ambitious synth to date. It takes our legendary SuperNova analogue-modelling synth engine, and enhances it to vastly increase its sonic capabilities. The result is a synth that can create sounds that are simply impossible with other synths in its class.

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