Mackie DLM12

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ลำโพงกลางเเจ้งที่มีเพาเวอร์ในตัว เป็นลำโพงเเบบ Class D ที่สามารถตอบสนองต่อทุกย่านเสียงได้เป็นอย่างดี เเละยังช่วยป้องกันเสียง Feedback รองรับการใช้งาน Live Sound หรือในห้องประชุม

Powerful Sound, Smart DSP, and True Mackie Quality
You can rely on the Mackie DLM12 powered loudspeaker for clear, powerful live sound much more than you'd expect from its small size. That's because the DLM12 boasts 2,000 watts of Class D amplification, powering a custom-designed 12" woofer and 1.75" HF compression driver. It has the power and quality to base your band's PA on, with built-in feedback suppression, six voicing modes, and up to 300ms of delay for alignment in larger speaker arrangements. But its built-in mixer and 16 great-sounding effects make the DLM12 the perfect speaker for solo singer/songwriter performances too. For a powerful and portable PA solution, the Mackie DLM12 powered loudspeaker will exceed your expectations.

Mackie DLM12 Powered Loudspeaker at a Glance
-High power and big sound for a wide range of applications
-Built-in mixer and effects are perfect for solo performances
-Smart DSP enhances your sound and saves you time
-True portability, even with your 2-door hatchback

High power and big sound for a wide range of applications
The Mackie DLM12 packs a lot of power - 2,000 watts, to be precise. And its smart design makes it the ideal speaker for many different uses: use a pair as main speakers on speaker poles, wall-mount it as a backfill speaker in your venue, or get a contractor to fly it with standard M10 rigging hardware. It even has a kickstand, so you can angle it back for use as a stage monitor. The DLM12 has the power and flexibility to excel in almost any sound reinforcement situation.

Built-in mixer and effects are perfect for solo performances
While the high power and performance of the DLM12 is perfect as part of your main rig, the flexible XLR/TRS combo inputs and RCA inputs make it a great speaker for solo use. Connect your drum machine, your guitar, or a vocal microphone, and you're ready to go. Plus, you've got 16 built-in effects to polish your sound, and all this without requiring a separate mixer.

Smart DSP enhances your sound and saves you time
The Mackie DLM12 powered loudspeaker is smart. It has multiband feedback suppression, built-in Smart Protect DSP to protect the drivers from signal clipping, and there are six speaker voice modes to help you fine-tune your sound. And once you've got your sound dialed in for a particular room or venue, you can save those settings to one of three memory locations for instant recall the next time you play that room.

True portability, even with your 2-door hatchback
Mackie's DLM12 powered loudspeaker is about 1/3 smaller than most 2-way speakers, and it's unbelievably lightweight at only 30 pounds! Best of all, you can stack multiple DLM12 speakers when you're transporting them, so you can fit a complete DLM rig in virtually any vehicle.

Mackie DLM12 Powered Loudspeaker Features
-2-way, 2,000-watt powered speaker that is 1/3 smaller than most 2-way speakers
-12" LF woofer, 1.75" HF compression driver
-Built-in DSP for feedback suppression, speaker voicing, alignment delay, and more
-16 built-in effects including reverb, chorus, and delay, which are perfect for solo use
-XLR/TRS combo inputs and RCA inputs let you connect microphones and instruments directly for solo use
-Stackable for storage/transport
-Ultra-compact design is highly portable
-Can be pole-mounted, wall-mounted, or flown by a contractor
-Built-in kickstand lets you angle the speaker for use as a floor monitor
-3 memory locations store your DSP/effects/voicing settings for instant recall
-Amazingly lightweight at only 30 lbs.

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