Mackie DL Dante Expansion Card

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Dente สำหรับดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ MACKIE รุ่น DL32R

Expand Your DL32R With Dante
Want to connect your Mackie DL32R to a Dante-enabled audio network? has just what you need! The Mackie DL Dante Expansion Card delivers matchless audio quality and extremely flexible routing. With it, you've got 32x32 channels of Dante I/O, and can route Dante inputs with mics and other sources to any channel on your DL32R. It's also ideal for sending any DL32R signal to Dante-enabled loudspeaker systems and amps. The DL Dante Expansion Card includes Dante Virtual Sound Card, which gives you multitrack recording and playback between Dante and your computer. With flawless integration with the world of Dante-enabled products and rock-solid, trouble-free operation, the DL Dante Expansion Card vastly expands your DL32R's functionality in any pro scenario.

Audio quality, routing flexibility, and cost savings
Dante is an industry standard in digital audio networking, offering matchless audio quality, extremely flexible routing and significant cost savings as compared with traditional analog cable connectivity. With 32x32 channels of Dante I/O, the Mackie DL Dante Expansion Card lets you route Dante inputs like microphones and other sources to any channel on the DL32R. It's also perfect for sending any DL32R signal to Dante enabled loudspeaker systems and amplifiers. The card features two Dante ports for daisy-chaining or system redundancy as well as a dedicated Wi-Fi control port that eliminates the need for an Ethernet switch

in many situations.
Mackie DL Dante Expansion Card Features at a Glance
-Optional 32x32 48kHz Dante-enabled digital audio interface with Cat 5e connectivity
-Route any signal on or off your Dante network via Master Fader
-Dual etherCON ports for daisy-chaining or redundancy plus dedicated Wi-Fi control port
-Includes Dante Virtual Soundcard for multi-track recording and playback

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