Mackie DC16 ATA Road Case

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Control Surface ที่รองรับการควบคุม Ipad ได้พร้อมกันถึง 3 เครื่อง ถูกออกเเบบมาเพื่อควบคุม Mackie DL32R

Powerful Control Over Your DL32R Rackmount Mixer
Based on Mackie's Master Fader mixing app, the DC16 control surface offers instant accessibility to parameters and precision hands-on mixing. Combined with the DL32R 32-channel digital mixer (not included), the DC16 is a powerful platform for mixing live sound. The workflow is fast and efficient, it offers ample visual feedback, and it's amazingly customizable and flexible for many different applications. And with Surface to Wireless Mixing via SmartBridge technology, you can add up to three iPads to the Mackie DC16 control surface for wireless mixing or focusing on specific tasks.

Mackie DC16 Control Surface at a Glance
-Ample hands-on control
-Comprehensive visual feedback
-Add iPads for Surface to Wireless Mixing via SmartBridge

Ample hands-on control
The DC16 puts all the functionality of Mackie's DL32R rackmount mixer at your fingertips with high-quality hardware controls. Mix with precision on 17 Alps 100mm motorized touch-sensitive faders. The dedicated channel section follows whatever channel you select, with controls for fast access to important parameters. And you can navigate complex mixing configurations with Mix Selector and View Groups modes.

Comprehensive visual feedback
With the DC16 control surface you'll have no trouble identifying channels and parameters at a glance. The large, full-color backlit channel ID screen and flexible channel labeling (with name, color and icon) help you navigate in dark venues. You'll be able to identify gain-staging issues quickly thanks to the six-segment LED channel meters, while three-segment gain-reduction meters help you determine how much compression a channel is receiving.

Add iPads for Surface to Wireless Mixing via SmartBridge
the DC16 control surface automatically senses up to three iPads, and adjust the Master Fader app's operation to deliver a customized mixing system. Your central iPad will follow dedicated hardware controls for any selected channel. Your other iPads can be used for fine-tuning specific things, like effects processor settings, while you maintain full mix control from the DC16. And of course you can always grab any iPad and walk the room for wireless mixing anywhere in the venue. The DC16 offers a dedicated Wi-Fi router connection point, built-in charging for all three iPads, and wired recording and playback from your central iPad.

Mackie DC16 Control Surface Features
-Control surface for use with DL32R 32-channel rackmount digital mixer (not included)
-Mix with precision on 17 Alps 100mm motorized touch-sensitive faders
-Dedicated Selected Channel section offers immediate control over any selected channel
-Backlit channel ID screens with Name, Color and Icon for fast visual identification of your mix
-Identify signal issues fast thanks to 6-segment LED channel meters and 3-segment gain reduction meters
-Wireless Mixing via SmartBridge automatically senses up to three iPads for customized mix setups
-Offers wired recording and playback via iPad
-Built-in charging for three iPads
-Dedicated Wi-Fi router connection point for setting up a reliable network in any venue

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