Mackie Big Knob Studio+

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Studio monitor controller and USB audio interface.

The Big Knob Studio Plus Monitor Controller and Interface from Mackie is a monitor-control solution and interface, that allows you to choose between four audio-input sources and three monitor pairs. It can be used for project and professional studios and is designed to increase your workflow for recording and mixing applications.

Featuring independent trim on all sources and monitor outs, the Big Knob Studio Plus has mono, mute, and dim functions along with a flexible two by four USB recording interface. It is built with two combos XLR-1/4" Onyx mic inputs with phantom power for condenser microphones. Recording and playback is at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution and the cue mix allows for controlled blending of direct inputs with other signals for zero-latency recordings. Choice of recording paths provide flexibility for applications like podcasting and more.

Additionally, other features include flexible-source connections, a convenient 1/8" input for your smartphone, dual headphone outputs with independent level control, a built-in talkback mic and external mic input and footswitch control, and 16-segment, high-resolution input-source metering. Finally, with its sturdy and built-like-a-tank design, the interface is compatible with all major DAWs on both Mac and Windows platforms. The Big Knob Studio Plus Monitor Controller and Interface includes Tracktion recording software.

- Studio monitor controller and USB audio interface
- Dual Onyx preamps for recording high-fidelity, low-noise audio
- Easily switch between four input sources and three monitor pairs
- Trim controls allow you to balance the volume of different pairs of monitors
- Talkback for communicating with artists
- Headphone outputs for artist monitoring
- Stereo aux input for connecting music player for reference tracks
- Large volume knob for easy level adjustments
- Handy buttons for Mono, Mute, and Dim
- Dedicated amp-driven Studio Out for headphone distribution systems

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