LINE 6 DT25 Extension Cabinet

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The DT25™ 1×12 Extension Cabinet is the perfect pairing for the portable DT25™ 25W/10W tube amp from Line 6 and tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner.

Want to get the best tones possible out of your Line 6 DT25 head? Then you need the 1 x 12″ cabinet that’s built specifically for it! The DT25 112 extension cab delivers your amp head’s amazing tones in style and with plenty of punch, thanks to its custom Celestion G12H-90 speaker. Plus, its enclosure is tough, toneful, and built to last. This cab features a straight-front design with a slightly slanted baffle that projects the sound right where you need it. To add big sound to your amp, get the Line 6 DT25 112 extension cab!

Big Celestion tone

The Line 6 DT25 112 extension cab sports a custom Celestion G12H-90 speaker for big, punchy tones. You’ll be amazed at how big this single-speaker cab can sound.

Front-ported, closed-back design

The front-ported design of the Line 6 DT25 112 cab gives you the big, beefy tones you’d expect from a larger extension cabinet. And thanks to the closed-back design, your sound will always be tight, focused, and defined.

Portable punch

The lightweight yet durable DT25 112 cab is the ideal extension cab for any gigging rig, giving you big sound in a small cab. It’s easy to move, built to last, and its 90-watt, 8-ohm design makes it easy to integrate the DT25 112 into your guitar rig.


  • Compact extension cabinet made to match the Line 6 DT25 amplifier
  • 1 x 12″ Celestion G12H-90 speaker for classic tone
  • 8-ohm design makes it easy to use with virtually any amplifier
  • Straight front with slant baffle for better projection
  • Closed back for a tight, focused sound with lots of punch
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