Laney Lionheart Mini-Stereo

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The Laney Lionheart Stereo Mini Amp is a little amp with a big personality. It is a super compact battery-powered amplifier that is ideal for your home, practice room, or for use as a backstage warm-up amp. The two channels give you access to clean and drive tones, while the AUX-in and headphone-out let you jam along to your own music or play silently with a great tone. The amp has two 3'' drivers for a clear stereo sound, along with a built-in delay effect to add some sympathetic ambience to your tone. The amp also has an LSI (Laney Smartphone Input) giving you a direct connection to your iOS/Android smartphone. When connected to your tone-generating app of choice, this gives you access to a huge range of sounds which will be amplified clearly through the amp's full-range 3'' speakers. Laney has launched this amp in conjunction with Ultimate Guitar's new ""Tonebridge"" app which provides you with 1000s of guitar sounds, accessible via the Tonebridge database. Whether using the amp's built-in sounds or connecting to Tonebridge, the Laney Lionheart Stereo Mini will give you highly portable access to some great tones; perfect for any grab-and-go session. The amp is available in 3 different models based on Laney's full-size amps, and lets you find your ideal sound and aesthetic.

- Compact 2 Channel Stereo Practice Amplifier
- Gain, Tone, Vol Controls & Built-In Delay Effect
- LSI (Laney Smartphone Insert) Compatible with iOS/Android
- AUX-In & Headphones-Out for Silent Practice & Music Playback
- Battery or Mains Powered

Twin Channel Tone Shaping
The Laney Lionheart Stereo Mini Amp has two channels for clean and overdriven sounds. It also has a tone and volume control for shaping your guitar sound to how you like it. A built-in delay effect adds some nice ambience to your tone, while the stereo 3'' full-range drivers amplify your sound with clarity and definition.
This amp has a classic aesthetic that will look great sat on your desk. The two channels give you extra versatility and mean you'll have a great set of clean and drive tones to play through wherever you go.

The Laney Smartphone Insert (LSI) is a dedicated connection that allows you to connect your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet (cable included). This gives you a dedicated input for shaping your guitar tone externally.
Laney has launched this amplifier in conjunction with Ultimate Guitar's Tonebridge app, which gives you access to 1000s of sounds accessible via the Tonebridge database. This app lets you find your favourite tones online, complete with effects, and amplify them in stereo with great clarity using the Laney amplifier's 2 x 3'' full-range drivers.

The Laney Lionheart Stereo Mini also has a headphone output for silent practice, and an AUX-in so you can play along with your favourite tracks or backing tracks. This makes a highly portable practice setup, letting you blend multiple sounds together and play silently wherever you are. Whether you're in the practice room, backstage at a gig, at home, or even on the beach; with the Laney Lionheart Stereo you'll always have great tones ready to go wherever you are.

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