KRK ROKIT4 G3 (Black)

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ตู้ลำโพงมอนิเตอร์สำหรับห้องบันทึกเสียง KRK Rokit 4 G3  เป็นตู้ลำโพงแบบ Active 2 Way 30 วัตต์ Bi-Amped Class A/B Amplifier, ขนาดดอกลำโพง 4 นิ้ว Aramid Glass-Composite Woofer,  1 นิ้ว Soft-Dome Tweeter, ตอบสนองความถี่ 51 Hz to 35 kHz (at -10 dB)   XLR, RCA & TRS Input Connectors

Rokit 4 G3 from KRK is a 30W two-way active studio monitor for your home or professional studio. Equipped with a bi-amped, Class A/B amplifier that powers a 4″ woofer, and 1″ tweeter, the Rokit 4 G3 is designed to offer maximum headroom with minimal distortion. The 1″ soft-dome tweeter delivers high frequencies up to 35 kHz, and the wave guide is designed to ensure detailed imaging in the listening position.

Also, the front-firing bass port reduces boundary coupling and the low-frequency knobs on the back panel tailors the monitor to taste and adjusts for the room, while the engineered outer surface decreases diffraction distortion. Multiple input connections ensure the Rokit 4 G3 will easily integrate in any system configuration.

The monitor features updated voicing for more punch and control and a more balanced sound. In conclusion, the KRK Rokit 4 G3 is the most compact monitor of the Rokit family and will deliver a big sound for small desks.


  • 4″ Lightweight, Glass-Aramid Composite Woofer Delivers Clear Midrange and Tight Bass Response Down to 51Hz
  • 1″ Soft-dome Tweeter Provides Pristine Clarity and Extended Response Up to 35kHz
  • Radiused Front Baffle Reduces Distortion From Diffraction
  • Proprietary Waveguide Optimized for Superior Imaging
  • Front-firing Bass Port Reduces Boundary Coupling
  • Custom-designed Bi-amped, Class A/B Amplifier
  • High and Low Frequency Controls Help Tailor the Monitors to Their Location and User Preference
  • Multiple Audio Input Connectors (XLR, ¼” TRS, RCA) for Universal Connectivity in Any Environment
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