IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

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Ultra-compact microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android

Create stunning podcasts and voice recordings quickly and easily
iRig MIC Cast is the ultra-compact, portable voice recording microphone designed specifically for recording podcasts, interviews, lectures, voice memos, speeches and more.
iRig MIC Cast provides a pocket-sized voice recording solution with crystal-clear audio quality. It features a tight unidirectional pickup pattern that minimizes background noise, making it ideal for single-source audio recording.
This makes iRig MIC Cast also great for business applications like recording meetings and enhancing the audio and voice quality of conference calls.
iRig MIC Cast is proof that great things come in small packages. In addition to an incredibly flat frequency response with zero tonal coloration, the iRig MIC Cast…

- Features a stereo mini-jack headphone output enabling real-time monitoring of what is being recorded using headphones or speakers.
- Offers a mini-switch that provides two different sensitivity settings to record close-up or distant sources.
- Includes an adjustable desktop stand for convenient iPhone/iPod touch positioning during recording.
- Has a bumper-friendly mini-jack connector that fits the majority of iPhone/iPod touch cases.
- Has an ultra-compact profile that can be carried anywhere with ease.
- Like other IK Multimedia microphones, it includes 2 free apps: iRig Recorder, an easy-to-use voice recording/editing app, and VocaLive, a multi-effects processing app for singers.
- Works with all regular phone calls and any Voice-Over-IP app.
- Is compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

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