iFi Audio Micro iUSB 3.0

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The iLINK is the ultimate USB to SPDIF converter. Rather than start with the converter chip

iFi releases the iLINK USB-to-SPDIF converter
The iLINK: USB‐to‐SPDIF converter is iFi’s attempt to make the highest quality USB to SPDIF on the market. The goal is to give the signal transfer the optimal environment so that nothing gets lost or corrupted in the conversion. Rather than start with the converter chip, iFi went beyond and analysed the complete transmission/conversion process.
When a digital signal is converted from one format to another, jitter and related undesirable issues arise. The iLINK is the only converter of its kind with advanced technology not seen in any other converter; Super Digital Output® and Jitter Elimination Technology JET®. All the while, it is able to handle Asynchronous 24/192 HD audio.

Full-Speed USB 2.0 type-B

Super Digital Outputs (RCA) x 2
- High Level: The ONLY converter to match the other main type of SPDIF receiver; with a
corresponding higher signal output.
- Normal Level: Standard SPDIF output
Optical Output*
*: This transmission standard is inherently limited to 96kHz

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