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The iFi Audio iDefender+ allows you to cancel noise originating from a ground loop in your audio system. Indeed, the inevitable use of several plugs and cables within your HiFi installation implies the presence of several ground points, which can cause ground loop problems and therefore interference, distortion and noise. The iDefender+ is therefore an effective bulwark against this problem.

Its simple but formidable operation allows it to automatically detect the presence of a ground loop once connected to a USB source such as a computer. It breaks this ground loop by disconnecting the ground from the computer, while removing the noise generated, lowering the background noise and improving sound definition and dynamics.

In this version, the iDefender+ has a female USB-A input, a male USB-A output, as well as an additional USB-C port for connecting an external power supply (optional and sold separately) when used with a USB DAC.

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