iFi Audio Cable Ear Buddy

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Cable for Headphones and IEMs Maximizes DAC Output Resolution Minimizes Hiss 16 dB of Attenuation Gold-Plated 1/8" Connectors

The iFi AUDIO Ear Buddy is an attenuator cable designed to deliver optimized audio resolution for audiophiles and music lovers using headphones with their mobile devices at home or on the go. It conveniently connects between your headphones and your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and requires no power source to execute its 16 dB of attenuation, which allows you to maximize your device's DAC output resolution and minimize hiss. 6N copper matrix wiring, a gold-plated circuit board, and gold-plated 1/8" connectors ensure proper conductivity and avoid signal degradation.

The flexible cable and right-angle male connector reduce chances of breakage and strain. The Ear Buddy ships with a gold-plated airplane adapter, travel pouch, and memory foam contoured earplugs.

  • 6N copper matrix wiring
  • Gold-plated printed circuit board with MELF resistors
  • Gold-plated 1/8" female input
  • Gold-plated 1/8" male output with right-angle plug
  • Passive design delivers 16 dB of attenuation without batteries or power source
  • Drive your mobile device's DAC at full volume to maximize its resolution while maintaining safe listening levels
  • Included memory foam contoured earplugs provide 37 dB of noise attenuation
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Brand iFi Audio
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