DIGITECH Vocalist Live Harmony

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DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony Vocal Effects Pedal
เอฟเฟ็คสำหรับเสียงร้อง DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony, 2 additional voices of natural harmonies, LexiconCopyingRight Reverb, dbxCopyingRight Compression, Doubling, Delays, and Special FX, Built-in guitar tuner
The Vocalist Live Harmony is a vocal harmony processor from DigiTech which automatically provides guitarists with a wide range of harmonies and effects. Designed specifically for live performance, Live Harmony uses “intelligent” processing to create full, natural sounding three-part harmonies tracking the chords the performer is playing. It is ideal for solo artists who want to add an extra vocal dimension to their sound, and bands who’d like to add richness and depth to their singing. It can also be used to add vocal harmonies to studio recordings.
Live Harmony is easy to use; simply plug in an electric or acoustic/electric guitar and a microphone, and start playing and singing. Using Harman’s patented musIQ technology by DigiTech, the unit will sense the chords being played and add vocal harmonies in the right key. Performers can even sing a sustained note and when they strum a different chord behind it, Live Harmony will change the accompanying background harmonies.

- Up to 2 additional voices of natural harmonies
- Gold Channel global channel strip for a solid sonic foundation
- musIQCopyingRight, the most advanced pitch detection technology
- LexiconCopyingRight Reverb
- dbxCopyingRight Compression
- Doubling, Delays, and Special FX
- Live AdaptTM Effects Control
- Advanced Feedback Suppression
- Sound Check phrase repeater feature for dialing in vocal effects
- Set List-preset arrangement feature
- 70 second vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubs
- Phantom Power
- Built-in guitar tuner
- Power supply included

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