Denon DJ PRIME 4

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Denon Prime 4 Standalone 4-Deck DJ System w/ 10" Touchscreen 4 USB inputs, 1 x SD card slot Futureproof storage with built-in 2.5” SATA drive bay

Denon DJ has just announced Prime 4, a standalone DJ rig with four internal decks, a large 10″ tilting touchscreen, a built-in hard drive, a second “zone” of audio output, and many more features. Learn more about the Prime 4 in this article.

DJs have been asking for a four-channel standalone DJ unit for a long time. We constantly hear from customers who want a standalone S4 with Traktor built-in, or a four deck XDJ-RX. Yes, the old MCX8000 had four channels, but it could only play two decks of tracks.

The new Prime 4 represents all the best features of Denon DJ’s digital Prime ecosystem from the SC5000s, but all combined into one unit. It also touts some industry firsts – and until Pioneer DJ or another manufacturer fires back, it is unparalleled in what it offers for the price. Get primed for the feature highlights, below

Engine Prime’s standalone install on the SC5000s is pretty much rock solid these days, running two layers of audio on each player. The Prime 4 will have four decks of playing audio on the built-in software. We don’t yet know too much about how the software works, but here’s what we know so far

- Four decks arranged vertically (press photos don’t show a horizontal mode, but it probably is here too) with a library section in the middle
- Key syncing – meaning you can quickly pitch shift songs to match (a feature we’ve seen on Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, but never a standalone unit)
- Full lossless file support (FLAC, ALAC, and WAV)
- USB keyboard support for easy searching

StagelinQ compatible (for lighting or visuals integration
This screen is on the large side for a standalone unit, but honestly, the displays on CDJs and XDJs leave something to be desired. Beyond that, you need the extra real estate to reasonably see four decks on it – any smaller and we’d be sacrificing visibility.

It’s a multi-touch screen, meaning you can use a lot of the same swiping gesture controls as on the SC5000s – pinching to zoom, swiping tracks onto decks, scrolling through tracks quickly. This is a welcome reprieve from the XDJ-RX2 which has a touch screen but doesn’t seem to use it for most types of control.

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