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21,900 THB
ลำโพงคาราโอเกะ 400W 8 นิ้ว 3-Way

BMB, the standard in Karaoke speakers delivers next generation sound quality.

These are luxurious 3-Way/3 speakers with a tweeter & squawker
Superellipse units provide increased range and reduced distortion for more powerful & clearer vocals.
Tweeters and squawkers can be rotated, allowing the maximum sound dispersal for the shape of the room.
Tweeter, squawker and woofer paper diaphragms are all made in Japan.
Features powerful deep bass and careful balance between music and microphone output.

Features & Specifications:

System: 3-Way, 3 Speakers
Woofer Unit: 20cm Paper Cone Type x 1 Unit
Squawker Unit: 9x6cm Paper Cone Type x 2 Units
Tweeter Unit: 9x6cm Paper Cone Type x 2 Units
Max Input Power (Pair): 400W
Rating Input Power (Pair): 200W

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Brand BMB
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