Products Warranty Terms & Conditions

The products purchased from ProPlugin are warranted by manufacturers and distributors for good quality and proper functioning of the purchased device if used in the manner appropriate for the purpose thereof and in accordance with the operation manual only. A warranty varies by product and subject by manufacturers’ or distributors’ terms and condition. The warranty period comes into effect on ProPlugin’s date of receipt.

7 Days Replacement
Products with "7 Days Replacement" are ONLY eligible for a replacement within 7 days after purchase, in the unfortunate event that it is found to be defective.
(This policy is not applicable to customers who are not happy with the product.)

What's eligible for Return for "7 Days Replacement products"?

  • Products that are defective on arrival.
  • Products that malfunction within the 7 days period.

We are happy to assist you with a replacement within the aforementioned timeframe, keeping note of the following terms and conditions:

  1. The product replacement is allowed within 7 days after receipt of the product.( applies from the date of receipt as Day 1)
  2. The product must be absolutely under the warranty terms and conditions.
  3. Defect must be confirmed by our inspection team.
  4. Customers are required to return their product in the original condition with its original package, labels, and other associated items received along with manuals, drivers, bundles, etc.
  5. In case of replacements not being available, we will offer customer to choose another variant, equivalent, or upgrade by paying extra.

** Proof of purchase is required **

For the products that turn out to be defective outside the 7 days replacement period, you are welcome to raise a warranty claim in this case directly with the authorized distributors or with our service center under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Repair or replace with same model unit (varies by manufacturers’ or distributors’ terms and condition)
  2. In case of replacements not being available, we will offer customer to choose another variant, equivalent, or upgrade by paying extra. If customers agree to wait for the particular model, we will inform the estimated stock timeline and keep updating.
  3. The company reserves the right not to accept the claim for the products that exceed warranty period and also including the products under warranty period but fall under the following conditions ;

* This warranty DOES NOT COVER the following and the company shall not be held liable for any accident, loss or damage (direct or indirect) to person or property caused by following reasons:

  • Defects caused by Acts of God, civil war, fire explosion, attack of household, pests, natural disaster, lighting, flood, logistic or any cause beyond the control of the company.
  • Installation is not carried out as recommended or subjected to alteration and usage not in accordance with its requirements stated in the Operation Manual.
  • Damage caused by abnormal voltage, overload, surge or improper usage of generator or improper usage of regulator, power supply.
  • Defects as a result of misuse, abuse, negligence, abnormal use or insufficient care.
  • The item has been repaired by a third party, unqualified or unauthorized personnel.
  • The serial number is unknown or part is removed, defaced, or altered.
  • Products with abnormal shape or parts missing.
  • Software or any bundled items are not covered.
  • Broken headphone wires are not covered.
  • For speakers and Guitar, Bass Amplifiers, the warranty cover only the electronics parts but not the loudspeakers.

For out-of-warranty products, a service fee will be charged.

For service, please contact
ProPlugin Service Center

677/88 Soi Ladparo 5/1, Jomphon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Mobile. 081-910-6949

Office Hours Mon.-Fri. 9.30-18.30 Hrs.

Line ID : 0819106949

Year(s) Warranty by Brand

BrandWarranty Year(s)Remarks
Audio Engine 3 For those purchased after Mar.1, 19 (1 year for those purchased before Mar.1, 19)
Focusrite 3 For those purchased after Dec.1, 18 (1 year for those purchased before Dec.1, 18)
Novation 3 For those purchased after Dec.1, 18 (1 year for those purchased before Dec.1, 18)
sE Electronics 3 For those purchased after Apr.1, 20 with product registration at (2 years for those unregistered, 1 year for those purchased before Apr.1, 20)
Austrian Audio 2  
Westone 2  
Ableton 1  
Aston Microphone 1  
Adam Audio 1  
AKAI 1  
Alesis 1  
Audix 1  
Austrian Audio 1  
BLUE 1  
IK Multimedia 1  
ICON 1  
iFi-Audio 1  
KRK 1  
MEE Audio 1  
Native Instruments 1  
RANE 1  
ROLI 1  
Sabinetek 1  
Townsend Labs 1  
Universal Audio 1  
V-MODA 1 (2 Yrs. for some specific models as shown on the box)
AKG 1  
Audio Technica 1  
Beoplay 1  
Blackmagic 1  
Beyerdynamic 1  
Clef Audio 1  
Fiio 1  
Fender 1  
Harman Kardon 1  
Jabra 1  
JBL 1  
Klipsch 1  
KORG 1  
Marshall 1  
M-Audio 1  
MIFO 1  
MidiPlus 1  
Pioneer 1  
Plantronics 1  
Presonus 1  
Rode 1  
Roland 1  
Samson 1  
Saramonic 1  
Sennheiser 1  
Shure 1  
Soundcraft 1