Novation Launch Control XL

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MIDI Controller ที่มาพร้อม PAD ที่สามารถเซ็ทสีเองได้ เเละ รองรับการใช้งานกับโปรเเกรม DAW ต่างๆ

Mission Control for Ableton Live and Beyond
Designed for Ableton Live, but powerful enough for virtually any electronic music software, the Novation Launch Control XL puts eight channels of hands-on control at your fingertips. Three banks of knobs offer instant access to sends, panning, and more, whereas eight 60mm faders let you smoothly tweak track volume or other continuous parameters. The Launch Control XL also gives you 16 multicolor buttons for functions such as mute, solo, record arm, or even clip launching, and when you combine your Launch Control XL with a Launchpad, you get a totally immersive Ableton Live experience like nothing else.
Built for seamless integration with Ableton Live
From the first day the original Launchpad hit the market, those of us here at who love Ableton Live gained a newfound respect for Novation. While the Launch Control XL is a more function-centric design than the Launchpad, it carries over the same genius and functional ease. In fact, if you're using the factory template, you'll probably never have to crack a manual to put the Launch Control XL to work for you, so you can spend less time reading and more time creating music.

MIDI and HUI support for universal software control
What if you aren't using Ableton Live? No problem! Novation designed the Launch Control XL with the wide world of music-production platforms in mind. In addition to its templates, which provide a ton of functionality right out of the box, the Launch Control XL offers fully class-compliant MIDI, allowing you to instantly pair it with virtually any music software or any app on your Mac, PC, or iOS device. And with built-in support for Mackie's HUI protocol, Launch Control XL also works with Cubase, Logic Pro, DP, and Pro Tools, mapping its sliders, knobs, and buttons to their mixers' volume faders, pan pots, mute and solo buttons, and more.

Loaded with cool content to get you up and running
We've already discussed how cool the Launch Control XL is when you pair it up with a Launchpad and how it can command nearly any music software out there, but what if you're just getting into music production? Well, first off, congratulations — you're going to have a lot of fun, and the Launch Control XL will help. You see, Novation bundled the Launch Control XL with a bunch of cool content, including a copy of Ableton Live Lite and 1GB of amazing samples from Loopmasters. So go ahead, grab a Novation Launch Control XL, and dive right in to world-class music production.

Novation Launch Control XL Control Surface Features:
- A solid control surface designed for Ableton Live's flexible workflow
- Class-compliant MIDI and HUI support provide full integration with any major DAW
- 24 knobs with multicolor LEDs are arranged in 3 ranks for easy access
- 8 x 60mm sliders provide channel volume and other continuous parameter control
- 16 multicolor soft buttons cover mute, solo, clip launching, and other critical functions
- Jump back and forth between factory mapping and your own custom control layouts
- Bus powered and built tough for on-the-go music production and regular performance
- Compatible with DAW applications running on Mac OS, Windows, or iOS
- Comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite and 1GB of Loopmasters samples

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