Shure Beta 91A-X

คอนเดนเซอร์ไมโครโฟน สำหรับเครื่องดนตรีที่มีความถี่ต่ำ เช่น กระเดื่อง เป็น Kick Drum microphone

10,900 บาท




The Shure BETA®91A is designed for use with kick drums, as well as other traditional low-frequency applications including piano. Featuring an updated microphone capsule, integrated preamplifier, and XLR connection, Beta 91A offers a strong low-frequency response and is specifically tailored for bass frequency applications. The Beta 91A combines superior attack and punch for studio-quality sound, even at extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL).


  • Uniform half-cardioid polar pattern for maximum gain-before-feedback and rejection of off-axis sound
  • Precision-engineered low-profile design features integrated preamplifier and XLR connector to maximize setup efficiency while minimizing stage clutter
  • Frequency response tailored for kick drum/low frequency applications with a wide dynamic range for use in high SPL environments
  • Two-position contour switch to maximize attack and clarity depending on application: select the flat response setting for natural sound in most applications or the “low-mid scoop” setting for a strong low frequency “punch” with plenty of higher frequency attack
  • Requires no external mounting or accessories for ease of use and storage
  • Furnished with zipper pouch


น้ำหนัก 0.84 กก.





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